TINte Cosmetics

Direct Loan Program

Client since May 2009

Miami Beach Color Cosmetics Wholesaler's, Stacy Provines Reid along with her husband and business partner, Matthew Reid, were looking to expand their company, TINte Cosmetics but because of slowing economy, found it difficult to acquire working capital. They heard about Partners For Self-Employment through the SBA.gov website and submitted an application for a micro loan.

After presenting a comprehensive financial analysis, which included their business plans and financial statements, they illustrated the viability of their business and their loan was approved.

"We were able to obtain funding in a much faster time period than obtaining a loan through a normal bank. We found the loan application very straightforward and easy to understand," says Ms. Reid.

With their loan they were able to attend trade shows and signed on numerous retailers for the upcoming year. Despite the current economic environment they are continuing to build their business, launching more products and appear in more stores throughout the US and overseas.

Linda Cardinal Schneider, Owner
Legens Publishing

Peer Lending Program

Seeking an opportunity to expand her business network, increase her credit score and obtain new business skills to successfully launch her publishing company, Linda Cardinal Schneider, owner of Legens Publishing, discovered PSE through the Small Business Association. She participated in the Peer Lending Program and two months into the course, received her first loan of $1,000, which paid for marketing materials and an advertising campaign to launch her business.
With the skills acquired through PSE, Legens Publishing has successfully launched an interactive website to promote the children’s series, “The Little Mouse Solamae.". The company’s long-term goals are to establish a 501(c)(3) for needy children where they are empowered to help run the publishing business, gain hands on business skills and help launch a children’s repertory acting company.

Joyann E. Major

Matched Savings Fund Program

Joyann Major was like many South Floridians. She had always wanted to be a homeowner but had no idea how she could possibly make it happen. When a colleague at a trade show told her about PSE's Matched Savings Fund Program, Ms. Major's life changed.

By enrolling in the program and attending the financial literacy training Ms. Major gained valuable information on the real costs of purchasing and closing on a home. She also learned how to save money. Her course instructor and PSE's staff were always there and willing to answer any questions she had as long as she asked for help. "I learned about predatory lending, how to clean up my credit, how to say no to major purchases while going through the home buying process, how to use cash instead of credit wisely. PSE showed me where I could make changes in my budget to save more; all the things I would need to know and do to purchase and keep my first home."

Over time and overcoming family tragedies, Ms. Major was able to save $1000, which meant PSE matched her savings for a total of $2000 to be used toward the purchase of her first home. She is one step closer to fulfilling her lifelong aspiration of becoming a homeowner.